6 May, 2019
6 May, 2019


When I prepared this video and uploaded it to the social media, I did not think that this posting would be so controversial. While I was reading the comments on it I started thinking about something that I have been convincing me a long time that is just like that: WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT, LOL, and by this simple reason, explanations and approach in the corrections must be specific for each person, and as a great friend and trained called Jose “Tata” Echegaray says, teaching is a tailored suit.

The conviction about it is because if I show you the messages you would not believe the amount of different details that people could see of the same image. Moreover, not only that, but the amount of different interpretations of what happens in the image and even what who is executing the shot believes and thinks (in this case Ale).

The video was created in one of the trainings where Ale was defending a crossed víbora and stated noticing a specific detail, I check it with Cutu Perez Millan and he agrees with me. When calling Fierro Derito we see that he observes the same detail (it is clear that none of us commented what he saw in front of the one who came) and for this simple reason I believe in teams and above all, in professional teams where people with the same experience, professionalism, dedication and, above all, knowledge because they made a living from it, meet.

For that reason, I recorded him and recorded myself, so he could see it, but I removed the two images to see in this game if they were agree on it or not.

The truth is that those who saw the same thing that we did were very few compared to the amount of comments received (they will be around of 250, public and private messages, to round off). Believe me, I read all them.

Because of that, I began to think: Are the other details wrong? Are they aspects to be corrected in your next training? 

My answer is NO. Why? Simple, if we just only correct this first detail, we will work out the other points.

The detail of the step we saw is just because of the balance and equilibrium, and when we get it, we have much more control of the ball than when we pass the hip at the end. This not means that it is wrong, but different. Such difference makes us to have more control because we are better supported. This not means that other player puts the feet straight ahead and plays in an incorrect way.  Just like all techniques, if it was learned naturally and if it is controlled and fulfills the intended purpose without provoking a restriction or injury, it is feasible.

Passing the leg ahead provokes a high impulse than if you do not consider it and if you do not control it with the hand and shot, we will lose management. Besides, in this so defensive and so below the net position we must be very efficient because the minimum distraction, fatigue or loss of management and/or control, we can be so exposed.

I hope you have enjoyed the challenge and the comments as I did.

I look forward much more situations like that to make postings more and more interesting since we learn a lot with it.

Greetings! And to the next post.


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