6 May, 2019
6 May, 2019


In the post of the last week of my Instagram account (,  I made a raffle with the followers who voiced on the subject (bandeja vs víbora).

The most beautiful thing about these publications is the variety of thought, views and preferences about the same image or video.

The video is this:

From these images, we can start performing our analysis.

Let us start with the characteristics of each one:

  • Tito Allemandi:
    • Forehand player
    • Forehand handle (a bit low)
    • Stable and solid shots.
  • Seba Nerone:
    • Backhand player.
    • Continental handle.
    • Solid shots (except víbora).


With this mini analysis, we will know that it benefits to do what everyone feels better and more naturally. That will facilitate the flow of the shot as well as the confidence to perform it.

In the case of Tito, we can see how he releases the movement maintaining the strength of the extended arm and how he uses the hip and shoulder rotation to infuse higher speed to that shot.

In the case of Seba, we can see how his typical assembly of the víbora makes that he uses the elbow bending as a lever, this lever will make the shot power easier.

As well as in both cases we use the opening of the shot using the shoulder as a lever.

It is important to understand (since many people asked me) if Seba’s shot is smash. The truth is that if we see the víbora as a slower shot and with effect, this is effectively a smash. However, what happen if we make the flat víbora? The key in the Seba’s shot is to be able to build the víbora and to have the handling to change the effect or the NO effect, the direction, depth and speed.

It is clear that when seeing the speed of the ball we can assume that it is a shot in the whole rule, but the assembly is of a víbora; therefore, I prefer to tell you that it is a strong flat víbora.

The idea of the post is to see, show and analyze how we can reach the definition by other ways in padel, since the power smash that other players like Lamperti, Lebrón, Galán, and so, on have is not common. For this reason, we must train other ways to define in padel and not focus on something that is not our strength.

This is a clear example of what commonly happens at an amateur level; they want to define a smash as professionals when you see at first sight that not all do this and that there are only a few privileged who have that important weapon to define from so far back.

We must keep an eye on the fact that what is important in the padel is to define when the ball is in our favorite place or shot, therefore, we must train and look for new tools to reach to the definition and not focus on something that we do occasionally, because probably we need it in a complicated moment of the game, and that is where you need confidence in your shot to make you strong and to complicate the opponent.


I hope you practice it and if you have any doubts, comment them and with pleasure I will answer them.

Greetings and to the next post.


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