6 May, 2019
6 May, 2019


Soon, I will upload the complete video of these two plays made by Martita Ortega training the back volley.

Summarizing the two previous posts, we will see the following:

  • To be clear about how to perform a shot.
    • Chiquita.
  • Choose the play with which I can make it in each game, since each opponent is different and I cannot always make the same.
    • After a good lob.
    • After a chiquita.
    • After a stable shot.
  • Now after the volley, if it is appropriate, walk and move forward or go back and choose a shot that continues to give me control of the game.

In short, if we think it through, it seems complex to think all this in one play, but the most important thing is that we have a clear idea of what are going to do it, what is its purpose.

By experience, every time we are at the back of the court doing a defense, we must have the clear idea that:

  • Defend until neutralize (know when I CAN NOT DO anything than try to put it until be more comfortable).
  • Once I reach to a ball that can be used to play, choose the hit/situation that makes me get another easy ball.
  • When I get another easy ball, look for a hit that allows me to control (inconvenience the opponent, either because it hits bandeja away from the net or does a volley under it).
  • Finally, to be able to win the net in any of these combinations, remembering that we have much more possibilities to win the point being close to the net and not far from it.

It is abundantly clear that when we hit the ball as close as possible to the net, we will have more chances to hit from top to bottom, being able to give more strength, angle and ball placement with the minimum risk.

Therefore, defend is only to neutralize the attack and to get a shot that approaches me as close as possible to the net.




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