6 May, 2019
6 May, 2019


In the previous post, we saw how to do the volley lob from the back of the court. Taking into account your comments in the social media, it seems more complex that it really is. We will start with patterns and a guide about points we must pay attention. Volley of lob.

It is clear and important to understand that ALL NEW THINGS ARE DIFFICULT, simply because it has never been done, so, in the process of learning, our mind becomes slower and loose fluency. By this reason, it is important to start with a good progression to go systematically and to gain confidence and dynamics in the performance.

To understand the plays where we will perform this shot, we must have into account one element (TIME) and I am not talking about weather, LOL. I am talking about the time between ball and ball, it is so important to understand that if I want to attack, I must chain shots shorten the time between the balls so my opponent does not have to reach the ball comfortably. Another important component is the activation and mobility because even though my mind thinks fast to do the play, I must be active to move quickly.

Therefore, approaching the rival to the net with a chiquita or doing volley several times will cause us to take a step inside the court and perform the lob. The opponent does not have time to reach the bandeja with comfort or that simply does not reach it and he has to recover it from the back of the court.

Back volley lob.

We can also do this play from the net. Even though the idea is to do the volley close to it and from top to bottom, the truth and dynamic of the game means that many times it is not the case and that we must adapt not only the shots but also the plays.

This is the case of the volley lob from the net, since many times, the ball is not in the ideal way to execute and not to let our opponent to attack is a valid option when he wins the position and is closer to the net than we are. This type of plays can be seen in a more advanced level when the speed and dynamics of the game makes he arrives uncomfortable or with less time to execute and that he has to change and think of another play on the go.

Maybe, the most advisable is to do not do the volley on a lob because we will make that our opponent plays upwards (in case of not passing him) and that the ball is in our feet, but as I have mentioned before, if it is very close and there no place to another chiquita, it is advisable to hit a bandeja going back that a volley close to the net, since the bandeja would give more rebound and time that a volley to defend.

Volley lob in the net.

Summarizing, the volley lob from the back of the court is a very helpful tool to pull from the net opponents that hold it long time.

From the net, it is a defense weapon more than an attack weapon since we will do a volley of a lob in a volley that we cannot attack or we will have a great deal of pressure from our opponents.

I hope you practice this, make comments about your doubts and share this with your friends!

Greetings and to the next post.


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