“There is nothing that fulfills me more than trying to teach my method of work, so, I can do my bit to the padel.”

"My career is divided into two stages, my stage as a professional padel player and the current stage as instructor and coach of padel.”


Since 2009, the couples that I have had the pleasure of training, have participated in many finals and obtained the following titles as a couple.
Highlighting seven titles that have been obtained with different couples.
  • Reca – Auguste couple: Two tournaments and four finals.

  • Pavón – Tenorio couple: Two tournaments and two finals.

  • Pavón – Salazar couple: Three finals.

  • Nerone – Gutiérrez couple: Four tournaments, one “Open” final, one “Master Final”.

  • Gutiérrez – Sánchez couple: Three tournaments, one of them was “Master Final”.

  • JM Díaz – Sánchez couple: One “Master Final” and three finals.

  • Ortega – Sánchez couple: Two tournaments and two finals.

  • Ruíz – Diestro couple: One tournament.

  • Silingo – Allemandi couple: One Master final.

Rodri Ovide Coach in World Padel Tour
Rodri Ovide coaching Seba Nerone and Álex Ruíz
Rodri Ovide with Ramiro Moyano and Maxi Grabiel
Rodri Ovide with Martita Ortega and Ari Sánchez
Rodri Ovide and Maxi Sánchez
As a player in Canadas World Championship 2008
Marta Ortega and Ari Sánchez´s success – Coach Rodri Ovide
Master final Champions 2015. Juan Martín Díaz and Maxi Sánchez