three keys to return in the T position.

17 June, 2019
13 August, 2019

three keys to return in the T position.

Our player Fernanda Salazar (current No. 1 of Mexico), will show us the keys to train and improve in that retourn.


Once we know these three steps, we must separate them to work them one by one until we can put them together.

RUN: Starting with the first step in the right way is essential for the continuity of a good hitting biomechanics.
Usually, “it is said” or “advised” to move in side steps, but let’s explain the two movements:

SIDE (“SHUFFLE”): When moving towards the side T we will slow down leaving the hit without a good SUPPORT, ROTATION and TRANSFER. It would only be a hit made with the hand almost taking the ball off.

CROSSED STEP (CROSSOVER): When moving towards the T in this way, we will be faster and we will be able to reach the ball with a better SUPPORT, with a greater range of ROTATION and with a TRANSFER with greater power and to the direction we want to play the ball.

Therefore run naturally to the T we must understand that the CROSSOVER step is the most recommended because we are moving a considerable number of steps, if it were only 1 or 2 steps could use the side as it would only be adjusting.

SUPPORT: The right support and understanding is key to hit fluidly.
When we move to hit we must make sure that the foot that supports is near the line where the ball comes because being far away we lose naturalness and fluidity to make the movement, we can only play with the hand losing balance, balance and all transfer.
HIT: Making it clear which technique is a function of the tactic, in this case Fernanda is working on the right with a little topspin effect. To make this shot is necessary to get near the ball to be able to hit, and this means the association of the two points above, RUN AND SUPPORT because without them two could not make a good drive.
In the hit, we will observe that the sweet Point is when the coming ball loses speed and begins to drop (important the estimate of it), its impact is lightly delayed to register a greater feeling of weight and control when hitting, to finish the shot on the opposite side and over the shoulder.

AS A CONCLUSION, we must understand that this progression will make us more efficient in quality of movements and with greater fluidity to do a correct technique of hitting.

I hope you liked it, that you comment on your experience and share it.




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